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Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association


The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is implementing the National Health Policy in order to fulfill the requirement of the health needs of the people of Myanmar in accordance with one of the social objectives: to uplift the health, fitness and educational standards of the entire nation.

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15th July, 2016.

27th October, 2015.

13th November 2014

MMCWA is a national non-governmental organization serving Myanmar community by improving the health and well being of mothers and children with the


  • Social assistance for vulnerable community
  • Elderly Care Programme
  • Financial and Psycho-social assistance in disaster management and crisis situation
  • Safeguarding of traditional customs and cultural heritage
  • Micro Credit Small Loan Scheme
  • Financial Assistance for small scale, agricultural and cottage industries
  • Finding job opportunities for needy women

Youth Program

  • Introduction
    • Formed in May 2014​
    • Youth network with 2 youth leaders each from States and Regions
    • 5 focal youths from central.