Conducting Ideal Mother and Baby Show Contest for 72nd Independence Day Commemorative Ceremony

3rd December, 2020
Ideal mother and Baby Show Contest for 72nd Independence Day Commemorative Ceremony were conducted at Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association Headquarter on 3rd December, 2020.
In this ceremony, MMCWA’s president Prof. Dr. San San Myint Aung, vice president(2) Dr. Tin Nyo Nyo Latt, secretary Dr. Nwe Ni Ohn and central executive committee members, Naypyitaw public health officer, the pediatricians from Lewe 100 bedded hospital and Ottarathiri Child Specialist Hospital, the medical superintendent, OG specialists, sister and Nurses from Lewe 100 bedded hospital, chairman and secretary of Naypyitaw MCWA Supervisory Committee, chairman and secretaries of District MCWA Supervisory  Committee, chairman and secretaries  of Township MCWA, Doctors and Nurses of Myittasanyay Clinic (MMCWA) and Executive Director Dr. May Chan Oo and Sprint Programme Officer Dr. Wai Linn Kyi of IPPF Project, babies and their parents and other invited guests attended.
At the ceremony, the competition will be based on body weight and height of the baby according to their age, personal hygiene, health status, Immunization status and intellectual development. The babies were grouped at under three months, over three months to six months, over six months to one year, over one year to one and half year, over half a year to two year, triplet (1), twins (7), altogether (76) competed. During the ceremony, MMCWA President Prof. Dr. San San Myint Aung delivered an opening speech. After that, president and central executive committee members gave the ideal mother award and the prizes to the winner and then gave honor gifts to the specialists, sister and nurses.