Organizational Structure

Central Council Members →

  • Central Executive Council Members
  • State/Regional MCWA Supervisory Committees Chairs                   
  • Volunteers with great interest and active participation in MMCWA activities       

Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Close supervision and monitoring by Central Executive Committee members
  • Quarterly report from State and Region MCWA Supervisory Committees
  • Evaluation of annual reports from States and Regions
  • Research papers presentation on State and Regional performances
  • Formulation of future plans of activities at Annual General meeting


  • Obey the rules and regulations on Finance of the stated law
  • Income
    • Philanthropic Donations
    • Income Generation Programme
      • Membership fees
      • Rental fees
      • Publication of Calendar and Magazine
    • Grants from UN agencies and International NGOs on relevant projects
  • Procedure
    • Allocation of yearly estimated budget on income and expenditure
      • Submission of monthly income and expenditure allotments at regular Central Executive Committee meetings
      • Submission of yearly financial report at the Annual General meeting for the Central Council approval
  • Auditing
    • Twice a year by Auditor General Office
    • External auditing on the respective projects by the relevant agencies